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Ultrasound liposuction is one of the most wanted surgeries in plastic surgery. Its costs depend on the performed method, on the extent of the procedure and naturally on the regional practices and differences. The price is set by the surgeon and therefore in some cases the price for the same procedure can vary greatly. If the plastic surgeon is experienced the price is usually higher. The surgeon cannot be of course chosen according to price because higher price never guarantees better result. On the other hand choosing less expensive clinic might not be worth it because the patient can then pay a lot more for the correction of failed liposuction.

Individual items

The cost usually involves surgical procedure, anesthesia (around $1,000), care after the surgery, bandages and drugs. Hospitalization, compression underwear and consultation are paid extra, similar like in the Czech Republic.

The comparison of ultrasound liposuction cost in the Czech Republic and abroad

The costs of ultrasound assisted liposuction abroad are in the range of thousand USD. The least expensive is ultrasonic liposuction of back and arms that costs between $1,500 and $5000, the most expensive is abdomen liposuction, its price is up to $7,000.

For comparison it means range of prices from 50 000 to 150 000 Czech crowns. In Poland the price of this procedure ranges in average around 47 000 Czech crowns, in Croatia of about five thousand Czech crowns more.

Same as in the Czech Republic ultrasound liposuction abroad is not covered by public insurance companies and the patient must pay for the whole treatment. Some clinics offer the possibility of installments and the patients often use the offer of loans for the surgery with custom made installment plan. The clinic often cooperate with such companies and make references to the patients.

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