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Liposuction is one of the most wanted plastic surgeries, its price is in the range of ten thousand Czech crowns. It naturally depends on the regional differences, experiences of the performing surgeon or clinic, extent of the surgery and a type of used technique. Ultrasound liposuction is in general more expensive than classic liposuction. Higher cost does not sometimes mean better result. Therefore it is necessary to be well informed before choosing the medical center and to find out all references about the clinic. The price is also influenced by the extent of the liposuction and the desired amount of sucked fat. The price is naturally higher in case of removal of fat tissue from several body parts during the treatment.

Cost of individual items

The total cost usually involves the surgical treatment, anesthesia (approximately 6000 CZK), pre-surgical examination, analgosedation, drugs, post-surgical care, check up and bandages. Pre-surgical consultation (approximately 500 CZK), elastic compression underwear needed after the surgery (around 1500 CZK) and the actual usually one day hospitalization (around 1000/day) are paid extra and are not covered in the given prices.

Situation in the Czech Republic

Ultrasound liposuction costs in the Czech Republic between 10 000 and 30 000 Czech crowns. These amounts are only for your orientation, final price is set only after the pre-surgical consultation. One of the most expensive treatments is fat removal from the area of abdomen, less expensive is then ultrasound liposuction of thighs and chin.

In the Czech Republic the surgery from cosmetic reasons is not covered by insurance companies so the patient must pay for the whole procedure him/herself. From the same reason there can’t be prescribed a sick note for the time of hospitalization and recovery process and the patient has to take days off work. The patient usually pays an advance payment during the consultation and the rest is covered when the patient starts the hospitalization or out-patient procedure.

Because of relatively high amounts some clinics offer the possibility of installments.

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