Ultrasound assisted liposuction (E-UAL)

Ultrasound liposuction (or ultrasound assisted liposuction) belongs to the new methods of liposuction. It can be performed in two ways – as invasive or noninvasive procedure.

Noninvasive (external) ultrasound liposuction

By noninvasive method the ultrasound effects the fat tissue without damaging the dermis and the ultrasound tube emits waves aimed on a specific spot on the skin. External ultrasonic liposuction disrupts the fat cells and their parts are then eliminated from the organism by liver through natural metabolism. One of these methods are for example Ultrashape or Ultracontour. It is usually necessary to repeat the procedure three to six times. Ideal patients for this method are women and men in the age of 25 to 60 years old with BMI 25-35.

Invasive ultrasound liposuction

On contrary during invasive ultrasonic liposuction is under total (or local) anesthesia inserted a cannula that emits ultrasound waves and at the same time it sucks the released fat tissue. At first there must be made several tiny skin incisions through them is gradually sucked the underlying fat. There have been relatively good experiences with this invasive method since already the nineties.

Comparison of both methods

The advantage of external ultrasound liposuction is its noninvasiveness and lower price. There have been not enough experiences with this method yet. Another disadvantage is great stress for the metabolism, the fact that the effect is visible after longer period and the need to repeat the method. Classic ultrasound liposuction enables one time suction of greater volume, is time less consuming although more expensive. From external ultrasound liposuction it differs also with higher risk of thermal injury.

In general ultrasound liposuction is used mainly in case of firm fat tissue with a lot of ligament, for example hypodermis of back. Not like by tumescent method it is not necessary to wear compressive underwear for a long time after the treatment because the swelling is not as big, another advantage is minimal creation of skin odds after the surgery. The loss in size is approximately 5 centimeters in 3-6 months.

Same as by classic methods it is recommended also after ultrasound liposuction to drink a lot and to eliminate animal fat from food and to increase physical activity.

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